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Be Rich! The Science of
Getting What You Want

Robert Collier

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Being "The Law of Increase"

As Used by the Prophets of Old.

Here is a secret of riches and success that has been buried 1,900 years deep.

Since time began, mankind has been searching for this secret. It has been found ­ and lost again a score of times. The Ancients of all races have had some inkling of it, as is proven by the folk tales and legends that have come down to us, like the story of Aladdin and his wonderful lamp, or Ali Baba and his "Open Sesame" to the treasure trove.

Every nation has such legends. Every nation has had its Wise Men, its men of genius and vision who glimpsed the truth that is buried in these old folk tales and who understood at least something of how it works.

But it remained for Jesus to re-discover this secret in its entirety and then to show us clearly, step by step, how we might use it to bring us anything of good we might desire.

For make no mistake about this: The miracles of Jesus were not something super-natural that could be performed only by Him, else how could He have picked seventy disciples ­— ordinary men, uneducated, untaught, fishermen, farmers, tax-gatherers and the like ­ and sent them out two by two to perform miracles and wonders second only to His own, so that they returned to Him with joy, saying, "Lord, even the devils are subject to us through Thy name." How could He have assured us ­ "The thing that I do shall ye do also, and greater things than these shall ye do." ?

The miracles of Jesus were divinely NATURAL. Instead of being departures from natural law, they were demonstrations of what the law will do for you ­ if you understand how to use it!

God does not deal in exceptions. As St. Augustine put it ­ "Miracles are not contrary to Nature, but only contrary to what we know about, Nature."

Every force in Nature works along definite, logical lines, in accord with certain principles. These forces will work for anyone who possesses the key to their use, just as Aladdin's fabled Genie would respond to the call of anyone who rubbed the magic lamp.

They can be neglected and allowed to lie idle, they can be used for good or evil, but the laws themselves do not change. It is merely the methods of using them that change.

An aeroplane or an automobile would have seemed as great a miracle to the people of Jesus' day as the curing of a leper. Sending sound waves through the ether, to be picked up by a little box called a radio, would have been as wonderful to our fathers as is the sending of our voice over a beam of light to us today. Yet there is nothing super-natural about either of these. The forces of Nature have always been there, ready for our use. It is our understanding of them that has changed, our knowledge of how to USE them.

Man in ancient times looked upon the lightning as the wrath of God, just as many deeply religious people look upon poverty and sickness and calamities today in the same way, as visitations of God. Yet man has learned to harness the lightning and make it serve him.

The laws governing electricity were there all the time, waiting only for the understanding of someone wise enough to show us how to put them to good use. Just so the power to BE and HAVE what you want is right here, needing only for you to learn how it works.

Nineteen hundred hears ago, there came to this earth a Son of Man who proclaimed that His mission was ­ "That ye might have LIFE, and have it more ABUNDANTLY."

NOT, mind you, that you might learn how to die, thus reach Heaven and a life of comfort, but that you might have LIFE ­ here and now. Over and over again He told us ­ "What things soever ye desire...ye shall have them." And lest you might think that this referred to some future state, He assured us ­ "If two of you shall agree ON EARTH as touching anything they shall ask, it shall be done for them."

Furthermore, He gave exact instructions as to how to go about getting the things you desire. When you want more of the good things of life, when happiness or success or riches seem to elude you, there is a definite formula for you to use. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven," Jesus directed, "and all these things shall be added unto you."

"Ah ha!" you say. "There it is. You do have to die and go to Heaven in order to get the good you want." But Jesus must have anticipated that you might think just that, for He pointed out specifically that the Kingdom of Heaven is not afar off, in the clouds or in the next world. "The Kingdom of Heaven commeth not with observation," He said. "Neither shall they say `Lo here, lo there!' For behold, the Kingdom of Heaven is within you."

What is "Heaven"?

That word "Heaven" is perhaps the most misunderstood word in the Bible. In the original Greek text, the word used for it is OURANOS which, translated literally, means EXPANSION. And what is expansion? It is increasing, spreading out, multiplying, is it not? "Seek ye first the Kingdom of EXPANSION, and all these things shall be added unto you." Seek a place or a state of being where you can expand, grow, increase, multiply, bring forth fruit.

This idea is further strengthened by Jesus' own description of what the Kingdom of Heaven is like. "The Kingdom of Heaven is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field; which indeed is the least of all seeds, but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof." "The Kingdom of Heaven is like unto leaven, which a woman took and hid in three measures of meal, until the whole was leavened."

What is the property of a mustard seed? It spreads ­ a single seed will grow into a tree, a single tree will produce enough seed to plant a great field. And what is the property of leaven or yeast? It expands ­ in a single night it can expand a hundred times in size.

Go back over any of the miracles of increase in the Bible and see if they are not all miracles of EXPANSION. How did Elijah make the oil and meal last, so that one measure of oil and a little meal fed him and the widow and her soon for an indefinite period? How did Elisha increase the pot of oil for that other widow who came to him to saver her son from bondage, so that she had enough to fill all the vessels she could borrow from her neighbors?

By EXPANDING them, did they not? And how can you expand things? We know of only two methods :

1 ­ By PRESSURE from within.

2 ­ By HEAT.

If you want to expand something elastic, you can blow air or liquid into it and thus force it up under pressure, or you can push it out with your hands. But that sort of expansion lasts only as long as the pressure is applied.

To produce INCREASE, expansion must come from within the object itself, just as it comes from within every seed that grows. Such expansion comes only from HEAT. To expand water, for instance, you heat it until it becomes steam, and from that expanded vapor, you can get power to do greater work that thousands of men or hundreds of horses could do.

If you want to expand metal, you bring it to a white heat, and while in that state, you can make of it anything your skill can contrive.

If you want to expand coal, and draw from it the rich gases and coal tar and dyes and other derivatives hidden under its hard exterior, you have only to heat it. If you want to expand a seed of corn or wheat or any fruit or vegetable, and have it grow and bring forth fruit and multiply, you must plant and water it so it will heat and burst its shell and send its shoots upward. In short, the one prerequisite to the expansion of almost any element from within seems to be HEAT.

But how can we use heat to expand our riches? Should we then throw everything into the fire and hope to get our increase from the flames? By no means. Certainly that was not the way Jesus did it. Nor the Prophets.

They used heat, but it was a different kind of heat. It was the heat of LOVE, of PRAISE and BLESSING, fanned by the breath of FAITH. Take the time, for instance, when the multitudes had followed Jesus out of the cities into a desert place. In front of Him stood 5,000 hungry people. To feed them, Jesus had only five loaves and two small fishes. What did He do?

He first BLESSED the bread and the fishes. He PRAISED them. He THANKED God for them.

You who have worked with people ­ especially with children or simple-minded folk ­ know the effects of praise. Children expand under it. They do things they would otherwise find impossible. It seems to increase their energy. Certainly it taps well-springs that are ordinarily closed to them. The same is true in the handling of animal ­ or people.

A famous Sales Manager was having difficulty with his men. Their sales had slumped, and all his "prep" talks, his urgings, his threats, had failed to bring them up again. He put up a large electric sign in the main corridor of his building, where everyone who came through would see it: "The salesman whose work has been most outstanding this week is..."

Immediately the sales jumped, and from that week on he never had to worry about a slump again.

How does this apply to inanimate things? The answer is that there are no inanimate things. Science today shows us that everything is full of life. Inside the apparently inert lump of lead or iron are tiny atoms of whirling energy, dashing here and there, bounding and rebounding and circling around like miniature solar systems, with a rapidity to which the speed of an aeroplane is as nothing. The mass as a mass may be quiet, but inside is boundless energy.

Where there is ceaseless energy, there is Life. Where movement is orderly and seemingly in accord with a well-laid plan, there is bound to be Intelligence. And where there is Intelligence, there must be RESPONSIVENESS.

It is this Responsiveness on the part of everything in life that makes it possible for you to prove the truth of the Scriptural promise that man should have DOMINION over the earth and over everything upon or under the earth.

How can you exercise that domination? Not by force. Not even by prayer. But by PRAISE!

As Charles Fillmore puts it ­ "There is an inherent law of mind that we INCREASE whatever we PRAISE. The whole of creation responds to praise, and is glad. Animal trainers pet and reward their charges with delicacies for acts of obedience; children glow with joy and gladness when they are praised. Even vegetation grows better for those who love it. We can praise our own ability, and the very brain cells will expand and increase in capacity and intelligence, when we speak words of encouragement and appreciation to them."

God gave you dominion over the earth. Everything is your servant, but remember it is said in the Scriptures that God brought every beast and fowl to Adam, to see what he would call them. You are like Adam in this, that you can give to everything and everybody you come in contact with the name you like. You can call them good or bad. And whatever you call them, that is what they will be to you ­ good servants or evil ones. You can praise or curse them, and as you do, so will they be to you.

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"This is a wonderful, well written book on how to make the necessary changes in your life to "Be Rich"! The author is well educated and confident in the material, and makes a special effort to use multiple examples to educate the reader in the power of different ways to think. This book has been an inspiration to me. I have implemented many positive changes in my life and I recommend this book to all!"

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